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Post by Wise Penguin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:53 am

Forum Rules

Forum Rules 16au0zt By using the site, your agree to follow the rules below

The rules below must be followed while posting on the website.

1. No Personal Info- Giving out personal information on public forums is a safety hazard. Please do not give out your information to anyone.

2.Flaming & fighting-Personal attacks, rude remarks, and naming penguins negatively is not tolerated. No fighting on the forums. If you have to solve a problem with someone, take it to the PM's. This includes flaming.

3.Double Posting & Bumping-No double posting. Double posting is posting in the same topic/thread two times in a row. Bumping is allowed, but it must be 6 hours after your last post. If you need to add or remove something from your post, click the edit button.

4. Spamming-Spamming is posting something that has nothing to do with the original post. Please, don't overuse the smileys. Too many smileys can be annoying.

5. Deleted & Closed posts/topics - If you have a question as to why your post/topic was deleted, please ask a staff member. If a thread was closed, it was for a reason. Do not repost it.

6. Cursing is NOT allowed under any circumstances. Some inappropriate words will earn you an automatic 1-day ban.

7. User Names and Passwords - Anyone found asking for another users info to their club penguin account or giving out their club penguin password will lose permissions such as private messaging, etc.

8. Cheats and glitches- You may talk about them at your own risk.

9. Links- Links are allowed on the forum if they are relevant to the topic. This forum is not a billboard. Please do not advertise.

If you notice someone breaking one of these rules, please click the report button and report them.

Remember, the forum staff have the final say on what is and is not appropriate. Do not ever post a warning/message sent to you by a staff member on the public forums.

If your account gets banned, we will not delete it. If you feel you were banned for unfair reasons, contact the administrator via the contact button at the bottom of the page.

Anything published on this website needs permission to reprint anywhere.

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