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More Big Changes

Post by RecAgenda on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:00 am

Hey guys, how's it going?

Wow, Rec, I come back to a changed site... again... and that's all you say? "How's it going?"


Okay... So what's new?

Glad you asked! What I've done is completely upgraded the site to PunBB.

What is PunBB? I don't speak Geek.

PunBB is a type of forum version that our web provider offers. The previous version that CPH was running off of is called phpBB3. Though BB3 is supposed to have more support for our CSS (a code that makes up how the site is supposed to look), PunBB offers more stability, faster loading, and more in-depth editing for administrators like me. I now have more access to CPH's clock-work.

So what is this supposed to do for me?

The site should now load faster, provide you with more stability, and higher performance. All around, it should simply work better.

But what about some of the images that changed; will I ever see them again?

Maybe, but maybe not. I have an entire arsenal of graphics, but all sorts of editing tools to create more. We'll see about restoring some of our missed pictures and graphics, but I'm also planning on implementing new ones. For instance, I've already swapped out our banner for a newer, cleaner one. This new one won't give you a headache by flashing all the time. 👅

What happened to the new topic icons?

During the conversion the icons were lost in cyberspace... luckily my Thanksgiving turkey wasn't and stayed in my belly. :P I'll be restoring the topic icons tonight, so you'll be able to use them again here shortly.

I'm also about to give you a new set of uniformed smilies.

Did you have a great Thanksgiving?

Yes I did; thank you for hypothetically asking. :lol!:

If you have any questions about what happened (or why I was talking to myself), feel free to submit them here.
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