GameTap Arriving Soon!

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GameTap Arriving Soon!

Post by RecAgenda on Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:29 pm

Hey all you CP fans! I've got some huge news for everyone! As you know we've recently launched the new My Pet feature, where you can buy and take care of your Puffle pet from Charlie's store here at CPH. Well, another major addition to his store is about to come through; in fact its en route right now and will arrive very soon. For those of you that know what GameTap is then you can probably guess what's coming, but for those that don't; GameTap is a major online gaming community where users have access to 1,000+ games playable right from their web browser, or they can download onto their computer. A premium GameTap costs $9.99 (or ten bucks) a month. This can be quite expensive for kids and teens, and most adults would rather pay for something else.

But how would you like a premium membership account without having to pay a single penny? That's right! I've got a premium GameTap account with the ability to add multiple sub-accounts that friends and family can use. I'm willing to create a sub-account for CPH and let you guys use it too! But what's the catch? You first will have purchase the "GameTap License" from Charlie's store once it arrives in stock. The cost will be 1,000pts. Its a hefty price, but you'll be gaining access to more than a thousand games. And I'm not talking arcade games, I'm talking games like:

And hundreds more! We've put the account together to allow users to play up to T-rated games. M-rated is not allowed for the protection of our younger users.

Parents: Be advised that even though the games approved by ESRB may seem "acceptable" for your child to play, we still strongly encourage you to monitor what games your child downloads/plays from GameTap.

Users: Take note that not all of the games may play on your computer. Before downloading or launching a game, check the minimum system requirements that the game demands.
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Re: GameTap Arriving Soon!

Post by Charlie on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:36 am

Great news! I just received the Gametap items in stock at my store, so come on down and buy one today! Once you make the purchase I'll send you your login username and password. Please remember to not share the login credentials with others. We'll using the classic honor system here and trust you with keeping those credentials close and secretive.

Also keep in mind that the games you can play have been limited to no higher than a T (Teen) ESRB rating. This means you will not be able to download and play anything rated M (Mature). Once again, we strongly advise parents to monitor their child's internet activity and help decide which games are appropriate for them to play. Gametap offers a wide range of playable video games, ready to download straight to your PC or simply play from their browser.

To make the purchase, go to my store (click here) and click on the green check mark next to the GameTap item in my store's inventory. This will open up the standard purchase request PM, ready to be sent to me. Just tell me what you want to purchase and any additional comments regarding what you want to purchase. I'll respond as soon as I can, but in case I don't, just let an admin know and we'll take of you.

Have fun playing!

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