New Thread Icons!

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New Thread Icons!

Post by RecAgenda on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:48 am

Hey everyone! Rec here with another update for the entire forum. I've recently gone in and added a bunch of a new topic icons that you can now attach to new topics! You can see the whole list of icons you are authorized to use by looking above the topic title field when creating a new thread. Select the icon you want to attach and then post the new topic.

You can view the icon live by going back into the forum index that you posted your new topic in. You can also see the icon repeated on each reply to the topic. As an example this topic's icon is . The icon in the index is located directly on top of the blue, silver, or red topic button to the left of the titles.

Note that you may see topic icons on some threads you won't be able to use yourself (such as the YouTube or Facebook icons). Some icons are only available to CPH staff for moderation and special purposes. So, yes, sometimes these icons can carry an important meaning. To learn the meaning of the icons, hover over them to view the tip. The icon for this thread means "Information" because this thread contains some helpful info to users. Other icons just exist for fun, like the lightning bolt and rocket icons.

Have fun with this feature and keep looking up at them as we add more in the future!
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