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New Theme, New Technician! Empty New Theme, New Technician!

Post by RecAgenda on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:55 pm

Hello there, all you Club Penguin fans!

My name is Paul James, your new technical administrator and support advisor. I'm new to the Club Penguin scene, but when it comes to website management and design, its practically second nature for me.

As you can see we've done a complete overhaul of the site's design and organization. While we've kept the phpbb3 technology and format, we've changed around a few graphics, the overall theme, and entire layout. You'll notice a more slick and appealing forum board. :D

Within the next hour or so I'll be activating the portal pages to bring you more interactive areas of the website, as well as bringing back your store inventory on one page and creating a new "Store Manager" account to handle of your purchases and providing you with top-notch customer service! 8)

Future updates will include the following and will occur gradually overtime as I settle down at a new Air Force base:

-New "Topic Icons", where users can pick from a variety of cool icons to display next to their topic titles
-The ability to select a font color for your topic titles, visible in the forum indexes
-A portal page dedicated to Club Penguin updates, events, news, games, and more!
-Complete Facebook integration into the site so you can login at the click of a button and not have to input your username and password every time; as well as the ability to send out Facebook invites to your friends directly from your UCP
-A toolbar at the bottom that will include a new chat that you can log into using either your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Yahoo social network accounts, including more fun features
-I'll also be working on creating a Facebook fan page, and Twitter account for Club Penguin Hut
-An interactive bug report form that will send any reports of glitches or bugs you find directly to an e-mail account that the admins and myself can access - I believe this will help us respond to site-related issues faster and more efficiently.
-Finally, NEW EMOTICONS!!!

Take note that each of these updates will take time to roll out, so all I ask is for your patience and understanding. :)

We hope you enjoy the new theme and perks!

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New Theme, New Technician! Empty Re: New Theme, New Technician!

Post by DUENICK on Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:17 pm

I think this is a great idea do i hear a Whoap whoap :) ;)

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