When to use the report button

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When to use the report button

Post by Wise Penguin on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:41 pm

The report button is one of the many moderation tools we have here.
Although small, it is VERY important to use. The report button is the badge with the "M" in it. It is located next to the "Quote" button.

We Suggest to use it when:

~Advertising- whenever someone is advertising something(Spambots, outside links, ect)

~ Cursing- Whenever you see *CENSORED*, or notice that someone cursed, please report them immediately.

~Passwords- If you notice a member or two exchanging passwords, please report them ASAP.

~Fighting- If you notice a fight, or a fight in the making, please report. We need to stop it as soon as we can.

~Personal info/photo's- If someone is giving out there Personal info such as address, phone number, Full name, ect. If you notice a member with a person photo as there avatar or signature.

Anything else can wait until a moderator clears it up. You will not get in trouble for reporting if it is for any other reason. These are just main reasons why we want member's using the report button.

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