Friday July 30 Field OP Guide

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Friday July 30 Field OP Guide

Post by Bobby on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:12 pm

Hey guys, this is a guide about how to get the mission done for today. So you get the mission from field OPs and then you go to the lighthouse. The top level, where the jet pack game is. you'll see the big light, you need to turn that off. When you turn off the big light, you go near the lever and then your spy phone will ring and go green instead of red. Click on your spy phone, and then you need to guide your battery to recharge all those stations. Watch out. the outlets can zap you and lose you energy. The energy is not gonna be enough to recharge all stations at one time, even if you don't get zapped so you're gonna have to recharge at where you started. (That station recharges your battery)
Ok thanks, hope this helps
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