How to tell if rockhopper is online

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How to tell if rockhopper is online

Post by Wise Penguin on Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:12 pm

How do I know if Rockhopper is online on Club Penguin?

Log in to his account with the username “Rockhopper” and any random password longer than 4 letter! If he is online, the above image will show up!! : D

Here is a more reliable way of checking if he is online!! : ) Just go on to Club Penguin’s home-page and if his ship is docked there, then he is online!! : D
How do I find Rockhopper?

There are many methods to find him. Here are some methods that I have found out and you can try them out. :o I give these methods some ratings :D
Servers And Places In Club Penguin Rockhopper Goes To

Servers- Usually on highly populated servers like Mammoth And Frozen(servers on the first page of American servers). BUT HE CAN BE ANYWHERE!! Rumor has it that he also appears frequently on Parka to avoid crowds of penguins.

Places- Ice Burg, Cove, Forest, Plaza, Pizza Parlour, Snowforts, Town, Night Club, Dock, Beach, then the top of The Migrator.(usually in terms of sequence of route)
Methods to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin

Sit-There-And-Wait Method


You can always wait at a certain location in Club Penguin and hopefully, Rockhopper will be at that location. : ) It will take hours for this to work because there are MANY servers in Club Penguin and you have to be really patient.

There might also be many penguins waiting for Rockhopper making Club Penguin lag : D Worse, you might not even get to meet Rockhopper. Worst of the worst, Rockhopper goes to that location shortly after you leave(happened to me once). :o

Server-Hopping Method


Jumps from servers to servers rapidly, hoping that Rockhopper will be online somewhere in Club Penguin and you are lucky enough to bump into him : D This is a highly monotonous method and does not work very well : )

Have Lots Of Rockhopper-Finding Buddies


Pen Flippy told me that this method is really effective and very useful. All you have to do is to make friends with lots of penguins who are quite good at finding Rockhopper. then you just ‘find’ them and Rockhopper will be there :o

Rockhopper Search Party


Get your best buddies and search every corner of Club Penguin and you can find Rockhopper! This is an awesome method and most people have applied it and it is very accurate as more people means there is a higher chance of finding him. : )
Tips And Hints To Finding Rockhopper

Pen Flippy has told me many tips and hints that is highly effective and creative. Thank you, Pen Flippy : D Thanks to Nolan Ryan for correcting some mistakes and telling me some great tips too!!

- Have a wide range of buddies, mostly from America, because that is where all the highly-populated servers and located.

- Go on servers that are not usually populated but are oddly full when you notice them, like Beanie. Rockhopper might be there : D

- Go on highly populated servers! Rockhopper loves crowds of penguin around him so be sure to visit the full servers! : )

- Get online or real-life buddies to help you find Rockhopper, beacuse teamwork is important! : D If they see Rockhopper on Club Penguin, they can inform you. I would recommend the use of Twitter or Instant Messenger :D

- Pen Flippy says that you can find Rockhopper in these servers. The left-hand American servers, sometimes Australian servers too, usually in the less crowded ones like Down Under and Beanie, as for British servers, mainly just the top left and right servers. He goes on the American servers every 10-30 minutes!(Thanks to Nolan Ryan!) And I think this should be the most important tip because I did some research and found out that it is quite common to see penguin find Rockhopper on these servers in Club Penguin. Thanks Pen Flippy! : )

- Scan at The Iceberg first because that is where Rockhopper always log in at. : D

- Check for the ‘Users in Room’. Rockhopper is always one of the first few penguins in Club Penguin Rooms.

- Make use of the Chat Bar to see if Rockhopper is talking in the room. : )

Straw000’s RH Tracker

-Make use of these awesome trackers to find Rockhopper! If you are lucky, you will get to see Rockhopper very soon, using these tracker!

What to do when you discover Rockhopper in Club Penguin

Open up his Player Card.Clich on the smiley face to get a Free Gift- And you will get a free Rockhopper player background with his signature. Click on his ‘home’ to visit The Migrator. Also, you can send him some cards and chat with him too!! : D

More about Rockhopper

Rockhopper is actually no bigger than an ordinary penguin, except that his Captain Hat is quite obvious among large crowds of penguins. He is always surrounded by penguins(not necessarily red nowadays) who asks him lots of questions, so much so that he is covered by speech bubbles. LOL!! : )

He speaks with a pirate accent and makes funny speeches. Rockhopper is most likely to be a bot but he is programmed and updated to talk about latest events in Club Penguin. Rockhopper is also programmed to filter keywords from other penguins so he can answer their questions. He can go any any random server at any time of the day. : D

What to do when Rockhopper is gone

Do not despair. Think about what went wrong and read this guide again. You can comment here to ask me any questions and I will try to answer them if I see them :D Then try again next time when he returns. : )

That is about all! : )

It is not complete yet and I will update it once in a while to ensure that it is the best Rockhopper Guide ever so be sure to update here often! :D Thanks a lot!!

Thank you to for this wonderful guide

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